Monday, March 31, 2008

Monzy's Kill -9

Here's the vid:

Man this is soooo genius. It's performed by, what seems to be a phd CS major at Stanford. Watch that youtube vid, it does have bad words tho, so you've been warned.

"You're like a synchronous sock that don't know when to block"

"You're running csh, my shell is bash. You're the tertiary storage, I'm the L1 Cache. I'm a web crawling spider, you're an internet mosquito. You thought the 7-Layer model referred to a Burrito"

"I was coding ish in MIPS while you were playing space invaders"

"I wrote my ___ with zig zag, while I zag zig splay. I throw a bounds check before i write to an array."

"Coming straight out of stanford, ain't nobody tougher. Ctrl x, ctrl c, I'll discard ur freakin buffer"

"Dump your core, trace your stack, where ur grass is going, there won't be no call back" you won't get it unless you are or have been a CS major.

Absolute genius.


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