Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just came back from a Mufti Mudassir tafsir

He was covering a part of surah tawbah.

Some things just got stuck in my head (alhamdulillah)...

he said that imam ghazzali wrote, when referring to religious arrogance (kibr) that...

if it is recognition and fame that you seek, then why bother with attaining through religion, why don't you just become an actor or entertainer?

ouch, nafs-cruncher.

He was also talking about how another scholar (possibly a tabi'een or sahaba) said, what if Allah asked you, do you want a home in this world made of Gold or a home in the hereafter made of dirt, what would you choose?

Unfortunately, because of our short sightedness, we'd choose, the home made of Gold in this world. But in reality, this life is temporary and very short, so the smart thing would be to choose the home made of dirt in the next world, because it will last forever.

But the funny thing is that the situation is flipped around: we get a home made of dirt here (or wood in cali), and Gold in the hereafter. But yet we still don't work sufficiently hard enough for the Golden home of the hereafter, but we tire ourselves out for the home made of dirt in this temporary world.

He also said that laziness is a horribly bad disease of the heart. Procrastination comes from laziness. The prophet pbuh used to seek refuge in Allah from laziness.


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