Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad's Contensions 11

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad is such a genius. He's been rolling out his "Contentions" for years now, and they're as thought provoking as ever.

1. Augustine: man’s deformity. Ishmael: his deiformity. (Defy, don’t deify.)

2. Peace without justice is not peace at all.

7. Your greatest liability is your lie-ability.

9. Modernity: an accelerating attempt to shovel matter into the growing hole where religion used to be.
... ouch, i love it.

19. Redefine religion, but do not derefine it.
... ie, correct ijtihad not bida.

21. Anthropomorphism is gender-biased.
... ie, gender only exists because there are two of something, but there is only One God. Once somebody commits the major deadly sin of anthropomorphism, they need to choose to refer to Him as male or female (they usually choose male for whatever reason)... but this distinction was only necessary if they tried to anthropomorphize. The whole gender problem doesn't exist when we realize He is one without comparison.

22. Theology is the quest for the least silly definition of God.
... oh if only cynical orientalists understood this today.

36. Third World Christianity: worship a white man, and be saved from your past!
... ouch, he himself is white so he could get away w/ saying that.

39. Being heretics to the Monoculture requires both courage and style. But we should have room for those who have neither courage nor style.

43. Use words in your preaching only if absolutely necessary.
... dawah is mostly given through actions, there are many many examples from the Quran, Sunnah, and even stories of ulema from the past that prove this.... and now researchers say that like 90% of communication is done through body language.

50. The road to God is paved with laughter at the self. The road to Hell is paved with laughter at others.

53. The world without hell is the word.
... ie, "the word on the street"... ie, a false rumor. If I don't believe in you, you still exist, if you don't believe in hell, it also still exists.

54. A heretic never claims to be a heretic, he claims to transcend orthodoxy.
... kya baat ki yaar! And the funny thing is Muslims in the world where they are minorities, are themselves heritics.... y'know, the beard, hijab, praying in public, etc. The prophet pbuh said "islam came as a strange thing, and it will again come as a strange thing. Glad tidings to the strange ones." The difference is that we have daleel for our herecy.

59. Do not think that anything has any purpose other than to point to God.
... Ayah means a sign.

64. Mockery is for pouring upon kufr, not upon people.
... in another contention he said "If you seek amusement, seek it in the absurdities of kufr."

66. God’s mercy is not limited; but He is not limited by His mercy.
... which is why Islam doesn't have "the problem of evil"

71. Islamism: untie your camel, and trust in God.
... (reference to the famous hadith about predestination)

76. The God of Jesus was not the Jesus-God.

78. If you put the Sunna before mercy, you have lost both.
... some cultural muslims need to be reminded of this

85. Man is the proof of God. The man of God is the proof of religion.
... like imam ghazzali

86. Do not fear any extremist; fear the consequences of his acts.

87. Do not be complacent. Most people judge religions by their followers, not by their doctrines.

90. Scripture defines mercy, but is not an alternative to it.

... related to #78

98. In the fight against the Monoculture, the main sign is the hijab, and the main act is the Prayer.

... related to #54



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